National Research Agenda

Holistic STEM Faculty Professional Development


Current Version Under Development – Available late Fall 2018

Check back for the latest version of the national research agenda!

First Draft Version Fall 2017 – revised Spring 2018

The SFDC leaders have analyzed all of the data collected from the How Many Hats Do You Wear workshop as well as the models generated by participants (bottom of the page). They produced summaries of an overview of the findings, 4 categories of themes that emerged from the data, and the outcomes of such a research agenda:

You can view and download PDFs of each of these summary documents below

Preliminary Version – Summer 2017

After the How Many Hats Do You Wear workshop, the SFDC leaders worked with some participants to analyze all of the data collected. The participants generated the models below to visualize the themes they saw emerging and how the themes could possibly fit together


Click to download the preliminary analysis of the national research agenda

Data Generation – Spring 2017

Below is a description of the threads which guided discussions throughout the workshop. Participants were ask to engage in discussions and generate written feedback in response to these topics. During the event the participants analyzed a subset of individual bodies of data generated for each thread and organized them into concept maps.  You can view and download the thread descriptions along with the participant-generated concept map below.

Thread Description



Click here to download the Thread_description that guided discussions during the workshop

Thread 1: Inputs for Holistic Faculty Development


Click here to download Digital_Concept_Map_Thread1_Table1

Thread_1_table_2Click here to download Digital_Concept_Map_Thread1_Table2

Thread 2: Mechanisms/Processes for Holistic Faculty Development

Digitized_concept_map_Thread 2_Table 3Click here to download Digitized_concept_map_Thread 2_Table 3

Digitized_concept_map_Thread 2_Table5Click here to download Digitized_concept_map_Thread 2_Table5

Thread 3: Outcomes of Holistic Faculty Development

Digitized_concept_map_Thread 3_Table 4Click here to download Digitized_concept_map_Thread 3_Table 4

Digitized_concept_map_Thread 3_Table 6Click here to download Digitized_concept_map_Thread 3_Table 6


NSF Acknowledgement
This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1638888 Building Research Capacity for STEM Faculty Development.