Enhancing Faculty Professional Development

Current projects:

  • Learn more about the many Workshops the SFDC has hosted
  • Find out about the Clemson Environmental Scan completed by the SFDC to capture the professional development needs and offerings available at Clemson University
  • Learn more about the ESED Online Certificate program being developed to help students, faculty, and other professionals gain expertise and skills in doing STEM educational research through Clemson University’s Department of Engineering and Science Education (ESED)
  • Check out the Other Professional Development Resources page to discover other organizations who offer professional development support for faculty

Future work:

  • Check back to learn more about the Canvas Online Community who engage in discussions, develop new collaborations, and seek/share guidance on supporting STEM faculty development using the CANVAS online platform. Access to this online community is only available to National Affiliates and Clemson Affiliates
  • Check back to learn more and watch videos, listen to podcasts, and follow learning modules developed by the SFDC around an array of educational research and professional development topics in the SFDC Modules page!